An absurdly normal person. Or possibly just an absurd person.

About Me

Hi! My name is Matt. I really like seeing people work on their passions. And I really like watching effective teams do neat things. And I believe that:

The purpose of technological systems is to enhance human possibilities for action.
Association of German Engineers (VDI, 1991)

I feel strongly that the true purpose of IT departments is to advocate for common sense approaches to enable greater possibilities for action for both organizations and coworkers. I have found that IT departments often fall short of this goal because of a poor understanding of internal and external value networks.

I find that building positive value networks is extremely exciting and I really enjoy helping people advocate and manage effective change in organizations through nondestructive methods.

Please contact me if you would like some help! Drop me a note if you like, or check up on me on twitter!

About the T-shirts

In the summer of 2011 I began a journey to define more meaning in my career than just a paycheck. During the course of that journey I have found some neat people, many of whom have been wonderful enough to give me the gift of some small portion of their time. As I continued to meet great people I felt like I needed to offer them some token of my thanks and I began making them t-shirts. From there it jumped to selling t-shirts, too, through which I found that one of my core values is humor.

Sadly, as a tragically unfunny person with a drive for perfection I often seemed more like a mad hatter than anything else.

And, while it was fun, I've had to stop selling them. If you are really, really, really in need of one of my t-shirt please drop me a line.